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One night stand

Pretty excited about TripleJ’s One Night Stand. It’s big, it’s free and it’s once a year. They usually pick a small(ish) town somewhere in Australia. This year it’s NSW and the destination is Dubbo! From my place, according to Google Maps, it’s approx. 400 km or 5 hours drive. Not too bad. Last night I checked the accommodation around Dubbo, today I checked again and it’s booked out. I guess camping it is, which was our preference anyway.

While looking at the Dubbo Tourism website, I couldn’t help but notice their logo. It’s cute, it has a smiley face and it also looks strangely familiar. I wonder who came up with the concept first, The City of Dusseldorf or Dubbo? :-)

UPDATE ----------------------

I posted a comment regarding this on Twitter and just as it happens, the guys at Dubbo City are keeping their eye on social media quite well. So their design came first... which I guess could be true, since I've actually found a few other people mentioning that the Dusseldorf logo isn't that original.



Ad Dynamo?


Some Czech guys?

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